Feminist articles in English

This is a special feminist area of Sen Enderezo in English. You will be able to read articles about the herstory and feminisms of Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and other places around the world.

Feminism in Bolivia

Bolivian women have been able to vote since 1945 in municipal elections, and freely since 1952. This victory is due to the first wave of feminism in Bolivia, do you want to know the origins of the 8M protests?

Titanic’s unsinkable Molly Brown

Molly Brown survived the sinking of the Titanic, supported American suffragism and became a millionaire thanks to the Colorado mines. Her life gives for many movies and not only in DiCaprio’s famous Titanic.

Three Pioneering Spanish Feminists of the Late 1880s-1950s

Learn about the inspiring contributions of three Spanish feminists who pushed for gender equality during the late 1890s-1950s. Find out how their work has made an impact on the lives of women today.

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